Our Favorite September Jiffy Steamer Customer Reviews

Our Favorite September Jiffy Steamer Customer Reviews

What’s to love about Jiffy’s J-2000 personal clothing steamer? Well, lots! Check out what our happy customers had to say in September about how much better it is to steam than to iron:

“Best money I ever spent. This steamer is beyond amazing. I have always despised ironing and now I simply hang, steam and my clothes look like they came from the cleaner. I am sooo happy! Making a crease is easy, I use a chip clip then steam. Now the whole family is happy because I get very cranky when I have to iron. Husband, cats say thank you Jiffy Steamer.”

“I absolutely love the Jiffy Garment Steamer! I haven’t used an iron once since purchasing this steamer. It was easy to assemble and easy to use. It’s a quick way to remove wrinkles from any clothing. I have recommended this steamer to several of my friends.”

“I found the Jiffy Steamer to be a great useful product. First, assembly can be done in less than a minute and within five minutes of opening the box you can easily have steam … [This] steamer is a useful tool that does things an iron can’t. In the short time I’ve had this product I’ve been able to [steam] my curtains, sofa, and sheets. On clothing it works well too, I’ve been able to remove creases and folds in clothing that I never thought I’d be able to smooth over. It is a bit pricey but it is well worth the money.”

“Very impressed with the quality and the ability of this steamer to get out tough wrinkles. It was actually fun steaming my clothes the other morning if that is possible! Love the hanger for the garment and it heated up very quickly. No more ironing for me!”

“Just like the Energizer Bunny: Replacement for original Jiffy, 30 years old. Resold old one for $75.00. Even my cars don’t hold their value that well.”

Do you want a steamer that might just last longer than your car? Shop Jiffy Steamer today!