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Use discount code STEAM CLEAN for 10% off your order

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Our Favorite October 2019 Reviews

As winter sweeps in, it's time to dust off your parkas and layers and start bundling up. After a year in storage, most clothes need a healthy clean, and a Jiffy Steamer is the simple solution for your hard to wash garments. These Jiffy fans below are ready for all that winter brings! Check out some of our favorite steamer reviews from October. 

J-2000 Personal Clothing Steamer

5 out of 5 stars, “Love my new personal Steamer”

I had a handheld steamer that worked fine but constantly refilling it was a pain when doing more than one item. This one is a huge improvement. I love it.

5 out of 5 stars, “Great product”

I absolutely love my Jiffy Steamer because it saves me time and money. I usually will pay the cleaners to steam my clothes but now I can do it myself and a few minutes. So it pays for itself. The assembly was pretty simple and works on my suit jacket as well!

5 out of 5 stars, “I love my pink Jiffy J-2000!

I purchased this for myself as a Christmas gift and honestly, it’s the best gift I’ve gotten in a long time! Being a full-time online clothing reseller this steamer has 100% helped me take my business to the next level. The unit heats up in just 2 minutes, is sturdy and well made, has wheels for easy mobility and its own garment hook for easy individual steaming. Keeping garments wrinkle free is nearly impossible, and my Jiffy steamer takes them out effortlessly. The long flexible hose makes it great for household use and even light commercial use. A full tank of water on the Jiffy lasts over an hour, which is a huge leap over the 20 minutes I was use to with other steamers I’ve had previously. I know I will have my Jiffy steamer for years to come, making it a great business investment. The unit is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain, which is another reason I recommend this steamer to everyone. Did I mention no water sputtering, soaking your garments? Absolutely none! Plus, its PINK! Win win.

Jiffy J-4000 Jiffy Garment Steamer

5 out of 5 stars, “NO other steamer compares

I keep the J-4000 in my styling studio to prep all my clothing for shoots, or to sell online. I have been using Jiffy steamers since I worked in retail, and through being a stylist, have used many different steamers. NOTHING compares to a Jiffy. The J-4000 is the best one to keep in a space where it can be rolled around or kept stationary (considering it is heavier). The "standby setting" is great too, considering I prep/steam, then list and photograph items- which makes it a trusty companion you can use all day. It is super easy to use. Keep the steamer head straight up and down to avoid drips. I prefer the plastic head because it is lighter and easier to quick steam. The metal is awesome and I know some stylists who prefer it, but it can get heavy and hot.

ESTEAM Handheld Clothes Steamer

5 out of 5 stars, “Why didn’t I get this earlier?

Love this compact steamer. Great quality , easy storage , does a great job.

These customers certainly enjoyed the benefits and ease of Jiffy steamers! We pride ourselves on our high-quality clothing steamers — and we also offer a wide-range of steam solutions for any need. Whether it's cleaning tile to look pristine, keeping clothes crisp while traveling, or having guest-ready furniture, Jiffy has the solution to keep life running smoother and looking good. Check out our steamers online or learn where to buy a steamer near you.