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Use discount code STEAM CLEAN for 10% off your order

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Our Favorite May 2018 Reviews

jiffy steamer ESTEAM handheld travel steamer

Been considering getting one of Jiffy's clothing steamers lately, but still not sure if they're right for you? Let our happy customers convince you - there's no better option on the market than a Jiffy! In fact, they're more than just steamers for clothes. They'll help you tackle all kind of tasks, from hard surface cleaning to steaming drapes to reducing allergens in your home. You don't have to take it from us though - check out these awesome reviews Jiffy fans left us during the month of May!

J-2000 Personal Clothes Steamers

"By far the best steamer we've ever owned. Use caution as the hose and head are unbelievably hot- but that's what makes it such a great steamer!"

"I hope this is a "You get what you pay for item" because I have gone through 2 steamers in the last 5 years and they totaled in cost about the same price I paid for this item. First thoughts. It seems to be made very well and it is noticeably heavier than the other 2 steamers I had. I just hope the Solid brass heating element lasts as long as they claim. The other ones I had were aluminum and aluminum corrodes after a couple years."

"I love my steamer. I had been wanting a nicer, high-quality steamer for some time now having only had a little handheld one. I decided to finally go for it a few weeks before my daughter’s wedding when all her bridesmaids “silk-like” robes came and were in great need of being steamed. I’m so glad I got this. It’s a great size that is easy to move about. It heats up quickly and is super easy to use. Glad I have it for all my needs now."

"Best. Steamer. Ever. I thought maybe getting a fancy European brand would be best, but after getting this steamer (and reading reviews on other ones) I definitely made the right choice. This is solid, rugged, and very well built. It's simple - it steams. The hose is very thick and heavy - don't worry, when the steam is going it warms up and is very soft and flexible. I went from dreading getting shirts out of the dryer and then having to iron them to just flipping this on before I shave in the morning then giving the shirt I'm about to wear a once-over to take out any creases or wrinkles."

"Works excellent like it was built for."

"I really love this steamer. I have had several steamers and this is the best one. It makes “ironing” go fast."

"It’s very sturdy and does a great job of taking out wrinkles. It’ll probably last forever."

"They figured it out! I got the metal head and its perfection in a steamer. Some say it’s heavy but the benefits of being able to make creases and iron make it a good decision for us and I like the solid feel of a good product. They even thought to put the magnetic wrench on the bottom for occasional tightening.
No sputtering or spilling. Sturdy wheels and metal pole to keep hanger in place. Even the packaging was minimal.

I love the retro vibe. They figured it out and there were no changes needed."

Jiffy ESTEAM Handheld Clothes Steamer

"Works well. Pretty easy to use and does get rid of the wrinkles!"

"Although I have an excellent quality Rowenta iron, pulling out an ironing board every time I needed to iron ...and I don’t have anywhere to keep it set up. So I asked friends and they all said “get a steamer!”. I work for a major clothing retailer and they use the Jiffy pro in their stores. Sure, I’d love one, but spending hundreds of $ is crazy for personal use and it takes about 10 minutes for the huge water chamber to heat up. So when researching the Jiffy I came across the personal hand-held size and thought it might be a good choice since (once they’re up to temp and working) the pro model works great. The selling point for me - IT COMES IN PINK. So my husband won’t run off with it (he travels a lot for work).
Sure, I know I can go to a major retailer and get a little hand-held steamer for a lot less, but there are features about this one that makes it better. Filling it with water is super easy. The steam cap pops off with a quick twist and the opening is plenty big to either fill it under a tap or a container (I use filtered tap water and fill a 32 oz empty seltzer bottle since I use this in my bedroom.)

It heats up in about 2 minutes and holds enough water to steam 2-3 items, such as a pair of pants, shirt, and a jacket.

Emptying when you’re done is super easy. Again, twist off the cap and pour it out. This is recommended so the water inside doesn’t get skunky, which can make clothes stinky, and some water sources have minerals and gunk in them that can make inside the steamer gross. The directions say to wait until the unit has cooled but I wait until the water stops boiling and then dump it very carefully so I don't get scalded. Then I stand it upside down on the edge of my sink to dry.

The cord is heavy duty and wraps around the steamer, and the plug end has a clip so it attaches to the cord and keeps it wound up and tidy. And god forbid anything should ever go wrong with it, such as dropping and cracking the steamer cap, Jiffy sells individual parts. I expect to have this thing for the rest of my life, it’s that freakin awesome."

Jiffy J-4000 Commercial Clothing Steamer

"Easier than ironing. Makes for less work."

Jiffy J-2 Garment Steamer

"Wonderful product!"

"Love it"

Ready to revolutionize your life with a Jiffy Steamer after those glowing reviews? Find out where to buy a steamer near you or shop Jiffy Steamer online today!