clothing steamer on floral shirt

Ah, the power of steam. It can get wrinkles out of fabrics better than an iron, get rid of dust mitesshape your hats, and even remove automotive window tints.

With all of these amazing solutions (and more!), it's no wonder more people joined the Jiffy Steamer fan club in March...take a look at just a few rave reviews from last month to see what we mean!


Jiffy-2000 Personal Clothing Steamer

"One of the best purchases I ever made!"

Bought this to use for all of the linens for my wedding. Love, Love, Love it! Did the majority of them at home a few days prior to the event, packed up the steamer and took it to the venue to touch up the travel wrinkles. Super easy and quick!

"Great steamer"

Love this steamer. No sputters, no drips, great instructions, easy to use. Heats up quickly and produces a generous amount of steam. Tank holds enough water to run a long time. I've steamed for 45 minutes without having to add water.

5 out of 5 stars

I cannot put into word how much I LOVE this steamer! I haven't touched my iron and ironing board for almost three years.

5 out of 5 stars

I’ve had this steamer for 3.5 years. It still works perfectly. I use it on everything and no longer need an iron! Also heats up quickly.

Jiffy J-2 Classic Personal Clothing Steamer

"Thank You"

This was recommended to me by a co-worker who loves hers and has had it fourteen years so far with no problems. This is a real bargain when you consider the time you are saving. Thank you Jiffy for a quality product.

Jiffy ESTEAM Handheld Clothes Steamer

5 out of 5 stars

This is seriously one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have had it for years, and it still works just as well today as the day I bought it. I travel with it every time I go on vacation to keep my clothes wrinkle free.

Jiffy J-1 Hat Steamer

"Awesome hat steamer"

I've used clothes steamers from various manufacturers as well as steam from showers and boiling coffee pots to shape my hats and finally decided to get a hat steamer. Now that I have this Jiffy steamer I feel silly to have waited so long to buy one.


A Jiffy Steamer is the perfect addition to your home or business, and the possibilities are limitless. Are you ready to become part of the Jiffy family? Take a look at our steamers online or find out where to buy a steamer near you.