Our Favorite March 2017 Customer Reviews

best purchase ever

Looks like customers of our J-2000 personal clothing steamer still have a lot of great things to say! We've collected some of our personal favorite reviews from the last month to check out and show you how our Jiffy Steamers are truly making the right impact.

"Thought I would give the 2000 a try. SO HAPPY!!!!! I feel like I have my own little shop set up. I'd never choose a different brand and this one certainly does the job. 1000% satisfied. The iron is put away and I'm back to steaming everything. You won't be sorry! Invest the extra money for the best product out there."

"This is the best steamer around. This is the same brand I used when I worked in retail years ago. Well-built, quality product."

"This steamer is fantastic! Easy to use, starts up in seconds and gets the wrinkles out or just freshens your clothing. Remember to use distilled water to prevent build up from minerals in your well or tap water."

"Awesome job. I found the most wrinkled clothes I could find to test this out, and it worked on cotton pants (which are notoriously tough to get wrinkles out of), shirts, dress shirts, t-shirts -- everything except one tough cotton dress shirt (it's a rough material). It heats up to max temp within a few min and it's super easy to use / refill."

"Total life changer for all our dry-clean only clothes. Also handy for dry-clean only curtains for our annual spring cleaning."

"Does the Job. I purchased this because I travel internationally a lot and my suits get very wrinkled being in a suitcase for 14 hours+.

The Jiffy has no frills and simply does the job quite well. It heats up fast and produces a good amount of steam. Plus it appears to be built to last. Quality product. Fits nicely in a corner of my closet."

"Best purchase ever!"

"I own a vintage clothing shop and this steamer is a lifesaver. Highly recommend."

"My life just became easier. This machine is so worth the money. I have even saved on dry cleaning bills."

"This is my favorite purchase for my house. I use it regularly to remove everyday wrinkles from my clothes. So easy to use and does a good job. Not only do I save a lot on dry cleaning but it extends the life of the fabrics. Buy one for those you love."


We're thrilled to see all the great feedback the J-2000 keeps getting! We stand firmly with our value of selling the best steaming products in the world, supported with world class customer service...so naturally, these responses are awesome to see! If you're ready to make the switch from ironing to steam, head to jiffysteamer.com to purchase the J-2000 personal clothing steamer.