Our Favorite June Jiffy Steamer Customer Reviews

June Reviews

In June, Jiffy Steamer fans wrote stellar reviews, raving about everything from how easy our J-2000 personal clothing steamer is to use to how much money it has saved them—and even about how much fun it is to steam! Check out five of our favorites below to see why Jiffy Steamer customers can’t get enough of their steamers.

“Love it! Much better and faster than ironing, especially skirts and tops. Great product, well made.”


“GREAT steamer. I got the one with the metal head. I rep a clothing line/small side business, so I do a ton of steaming. I had several steamers and steam irons before this, and this product is truly amazing. Be sure to get the metal head, because then you can use it as an iron. (Side bar: Ironing is bad for clothing; it changes the fabric; steaming is much better for long term care of your clothing investment.) I highly recommend this product.”


“My husband bought this for his dress shirts. The day he got it he went through all his clothes and steamed them then asked if I had any that needed to be streamed. I think he had a little too much fun with it. I used it today for the first time and fell in love. So easy to use and much quicker than ironing. I needed to get the wrinkles out of our daughter’s tiny clothes and it did the job…quick, easy and FUN.”


“High quality. Have saved hundreds on dry cleaning. Use to freshen clothing up.”


“The J-2000 Jiffy Steamer is fantastic! I restore antique and vintage garments ranging in fabrics from silk, velvet, rayon and others and this is just what I needed! 100+ year old garments look fresh and new! Easy assembly, easy to operate and the steam reservoir outlasted me—I steamed close to a dozen dresses before I had to take a break and the steamer was still going. Even those old vintage belts (that crack and peel apart on the backside) looked wonderful after a steaming. I felt the plastic head would be gentler on the garments, fearing the metal head would get too hot—I think this was the right choice … This is made in the USA, eschewing any substandard Chinese import! I should have ordered this years ago—it’s definitely worth the money!”


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