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Use discount code STEAM CLEAN for 10% off your order

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Our Favorite June 2018 Reviews

Jiffy Steamer fans have been leaving us heaps of stellar reviews all summer long! No matter if they prefer a full-size Jiffy steamer or a handheld clothes steamer, we love when happy customers share how Jiffy's steam solutions make their lives a little easier. Check out some of our favorite reviews from the start of the season!

J-2000 Personal Clothing Steamers

Nobody makes a better steamer than Jiffy

"I used one of these steamers when I was in the Air Force honor guard; incredible product bought one for my wife who's a teacher - exceeds all of our expectations. Nobody makes better steamers than jiffy..."

Huge time saver

"Amazing product. Steaming shirts is effortless and the final result looks great. Pro tip: removing knees from jeans takes seconds."

Durable & reliable

"Jiffy makes a great steamer. This one replaced another Jiffy steamer I had used for 20+ years. Not a lot of feature/options ... an easy to fill & place water reservoir & one temp/steam setting. A tad more expensive than most; but worth it."

Great quality, made in USA

"Great quality of parts and simple design compared with brand named competitors. Less space needed. Fast on and off. Made in USA."

Jiffy ESTEAM Handheld Clothes Steamer

Quick and effective

"I was really impressed by how quickly this steamer worked. Each shirt I steamed was wrinkle-free in a minute or less.

It works well on collared button-up shirts (gets the middle fabric around the buttons to lay down nicely) and on my shirts with ruffle fronts. The ruffles get all mushed after they're washed and they're a pain to iron, but this steamer worked really well to make them ruffly again.

I also liked how simple this steamer is. It's basically a teapot with a really big mouth. It doesn't even have an "on" button! You just plug it in and 15 seconds to 2 minutes later it starts steaming. You don't have to use special water either.

Using this steamer was great, just like taking an eraser and just wiping away the wrinkles."

Lots of steam, heats fast

"This is a terrific hand-held steamer. Heats up very quickly and provides a great deal of steam, more than similarly sized steamers I've used. Very good for delicate or heat sensitive fabrics as well."

Five Stars

"Gift for my daughter. Loves it."

Love, Love

"Love, love, love. Use mine all the time and have gifted several over the years. I have the pink which is super cute."

Size doesn’t matter. Works well

"I needed a steamer easy to use and to put away. I leave in a small studio. I love it and I would recommend also for traveling steamer"

Good purchase; recommended!

"Works as advertised. I was very pleased ... no problems!"

Whether you want to steam drapes, make hard surface cleaning a breeze or just keep your wardrobe wrinkle-free, nothing gets the job done better than a Jiffy steamer. Ready to find out for yourself? Discover where to buy a steamer near you, or shop our clothes steamers online today. Use code SUMMER at checkout for 10% off your order!