Our Favorite July Jiffy Steamer Customer Reviews

Our Favorite July Jiffy Steamer Customer Reviews 

This summer, our handheld and upright clothing steamers have been big hits with customers, who have had lots to say about how happy they are that they invested in a high quality product that will really last! Check out reviews of the ESTEAM handheld steamer and J-2000 personal steamer below.

ESTEAM Handheld Steamer

Outstanding steamer. When I left mine in a hotel room, I didn’t even consider a switch. I just bought another ESTEAM.”

Great power for such a small package. Worth the [money].”

“Unless you’re buying a full sized Jiffy Steamer with a tank or bottle, this is the best handheld you can get. Copious amounts of steam, fast heating. Gets the job done.”

J-2000 Personal Steamer

“I used to have a steamer I purchased from Macy’s that broke after a year or so of use. I was very wary to buy this steamer since it’s quite expensive compared to other steamers. After having used it for a while, I have to say it was worth every penny. It works so well. Steam comes out fast and hot. Works a lot better than my old steamer.”

“I read all the reviews and never thought about buying since I was so put off by the high price. I finally bought the steamer and MAN, where was this all my life? It takes no time to ‘iron’ shirts that used to take forever the old way. The unit heats up in the same time as a regular iron and the wand holder is up and out of the way of your face so there is no worry about getting a face full of steam… All in all, so well worth the money. Once you use this, you’ll never go back to a standard iron.”

“It has been a lifesaver these past TEN years! I can’t believe it has lasted that long with how much use it gets. We are a family of six and I have steamed most of our clothing for the past ten years. I am now reordering this steamer because the plastic head has come apart after all the abuse it has taken. I highly recommend this product.”

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