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Use discount code LUCKY for 10% off your order

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Our Favorite July 2018 Customer Reviews

jiffy travel steamer in suitcase

Between the heatwaves and all the proud new owners of Jiffy's clothes steamers leaving us glowing reviews, it certainly was a steamy summer! From finding out how our ESTEAM travel steamers save their summer vacation wardrobes from suitcase wrinkles to businesses using our commercial clothing steamers to cut down their inventory prep time, Jiffy customers couldn't be more pleased. You don't have to take our word for it - just check out some of our favorite customer reviews from July!

J-2000 Personal Clothing Steamers

Paying for quality is worth it

"After moving from a house to apartment, we rely mostly on a portable washing machine and hand drying clothes. The biggest downside is that we can't pull clothes out of the dryer early to avoid wrinkles. The Jiffy garment steamer works really well and is solidly built. I'm not usually excited by housekeeping but found steaming to be enjoyable in a meditative way. We bought the version with the metal nozzle..."

The steam is strong enough to get pretty tough wrinkles out

"This works great--heats up quickly and works well. The steam is strong enough to get pretty tough wrinkles out. The tank is easy to load. I have this right in the closet and use it all the time."

Quality, durability, and efficient!!!

"I purchased this Steamer yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the workmanship. It is totally commercial built and lightweight. Within 1-2 minutes of turning it on it began to put out steam. I only had to go over each garment once and I was done! The filling of the tank was very easy and I was able to steam up to ten items before refilling. The metal head made it so easy to go over the clothing without snagging..."

I can even get a beautiful crease with the metal plate

"This is a GAME changer for me!! Goodbye iron! I can even get a beautiful crease with the metal plate! No complaints at all. Love that it has wheels to move around."

Seven years old and still works great

"This was a great purchase! I've had it for seven years, it still works great, and it's so much better than ironing. Wrinkles come right out without worrying about ironing creases in."

Money well spent.

"This steamer is amazing. Bought for our upholstery business. We’ve used it to steam upholstered wall panels, furniture (fabric & vinyl), curtains, etc. It’s easy to move around, reservoir is plenty big so you don’t need to stop work to refill, heats super fast, the steam head is awesome in assisting with smoothing out wrinkles. Doesn’t burn or damage fabric. It’s been an asset to my business and I am very pleased."

I love this steamer!

"I've had this steamer for a year and a half and use it daily. It heats up fast and produces plenty of steam. I haven't used my iron since I bought this steamer and have even bought a smaller travel sized steamer for vacations."

Best steamer for your money.

"Best steamer to ever be made. My last one lasted 10 years with extreme use. I was so happy I bought another!!!"

Five Stars

"Fast shipping. Product as described."

Super durable and heats up quickly

"Have owned this for 4 years and it travels for work. Primarily used for steaming drapery and bedding. Super durable and heats up quickly. Hands down the best steamer out on the market and I’ve used a lot of them."

Jiffy ESTEAM Handheld Clothes Steamer

Five Stars

"Excellent. I only use Jiffy Steamers"

Heats quickly, easy to use, makes clothes look great!

"The '1 Hotel' in New York had these steamers in each room and I loved it so bought my own. It heats up quickly and works well on many fabrics. Much easier than setting up an ironing board and iron, and is more gentle on clothes. I love it! I use distilled water, and you do need to follow the instructions and care for the steamer for best results."

Excellent steamer

"Excellent product!!!"

More sturdy than other handheld steamers

"felt solid, didn't heat up on the outside and water lasted through several items of clothes"

Jiffy J-4000 Professional Clothing Steamer

3 hours cut down to 45 minutes

"We do weekly photoshoots. Steaming all the items takes 2-3 hours with our $150 steamer from another brand.
This bad boy? 45 minutes."

Can't Get Better Than The Best

"A true commercial steamer. Worth the price."

Our savvy steaming customers said it best! Once you know how to steam clothes and ditch the iron, you'll never go back. Ready to find out for yourself why our American-made clothing steamers can't be beaten? Find out where to buy a steamer near you, or shop our clothes steamers online. Don't delay, order today to enjoy our special back-to-school offer and save an extra 15% on your order with code EDUCATION!