Our Favorite January Jiffy Steamer Customer Reviews

client testimonial

 A lot of new customers left us reviews for our J-2000 personal clothing steamer and ESTEAM® Handheld Travel Steamer this January! Check out what they had to say about their new steamer:


“I LOVE this thing!! After reading tons of reviews, I finally decided on this steamer. I have not been disappointed!”


“This is built like a tank! It is sturdy and performs well. I think it will last a very long time…”


“Easy to use. Stores in very little space. Easy to add water. Nice that it has a garment hanger on it. All the repair parts are listed on a diagram along with parts, so if it should break, you can do it yourself if you desire. I like that the wrench to tighten the hose connections is magnetic and is attached to the underside of the unit so it won’t ever get lost. I got the plastic head (rather than the metal one) because the plastic head does not get as hot as the metal one. The unit is on wheels, so it is easy to locate in another room if you cannot lift much. The unit is surprisingly light. The User’s Guide is nicely written, organized and easily understood. Made in America.”


“Yes, I used all of my Christmas money/giftcards to buy a steamer… and I’m so glad I did! This thing is awesome! On our first day, my wife and I steamed all of our drapes, got wrinkles out of my dress pants that were set to go to the cleaners. We’ve taken it around our house just looking for things to steam… Today I did 10 dress shirts in 45 min., which would have taken 1 1/2 to 2 hours with our iron. The metal head worked great on a pair of cotton Dockers that I sent through the wash, you couldn’t tell that they weren’t dry cleaned!”


“We live in Las Vegas, so with the hardness of our water being more mineral than water, we plan to only use distilled water in it. It heats up in a minute, and a full tank will last over an hour. I read too many great reviews about Jiffy, and I’m glad to add to them.”




“I am really bad at anything domestic. I haven’t used an iron in years and when I did I seemed to iron wrinkles in more. I like this steamer. It’s easy to use and gets the wrinkles out and its fast.”


“I keep it in my closet for touchups before work. Small and powerful. Perfect gift for a college student.”


“This was purchased as a gift. I have one and absolutely love it so I got one for my daughter for Christmas.”


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