Our Favorite February 2017 Customer Reviews

Our J-2000 personal clothing steamer has been getting a lot of reviews lately. Check out what our incredible customers had to say about their Jiffy Steamer and how it’s transformed their clothing!

“Everything I thought it would be and more. I feel so professional in my freshly steamed clothes. I think this steamer is worth every penny. I love the hidden magnetic screw driver on the underside for hose assembly! So pleased with this purchase.”

“I have had my Jiffy Steamer for over 20 years. When my son moved out he requested this as a Christmas gift!”

“This is my second Steamer. Used the first one daily for 10 years and loved it. Highly recommended.”

“I purchased this after reading all of the great reviews. I splurged and got the metal head. It was worth every penny! I love to iron, LOL. An iron can not even get close to what this steamer can do! It gets out EVERY little wrinkle!”

“I worked in a clothing store that had a more expensive model of Jiffy Steamer, but I just assumed a steamer is a steamer…. Nope! I bought 3 different cheaper steamers for my personal use – one had a tiny tank, one grew mold and was hard to clean, and another just never seemed to get hot enough. I finally broke down and got a Jiffy and this is the perfect one to not have to refill the tank every single time I use it. Heats up quickly and gets the job done!”

“I got this for my wife and now we all use it. We keep it in a linens closet upstairs and it’s great for quickly getting rid of a wrinkle on clothes, you literally see them disappear. We have used it on curtains, sweaters, you name it. Very useful, well built and lots of steam output.”

“Great steamer. The best! Exactly as advertised. Works as described. Easy to use. Looking forward to years of use ahead.”

If you’re ready to make the switch from ironing to steam, head to jiffysteamer.com to purchase the J-2000 personal clothing steamer.