jiffy clothing steamer steaming wedding dress

Thanks to the fact that our durable, American-made clothing steamers withstand the test of time better than any of the competition, Jiffy Steamer customers are customers for life. We were thrilled to see so many new members join the Jiffy fan club this past December!

Jiffy owners take their travel steamers with them on business trips, use their multipurpose steamer for hard surface cleaning and tackling home renovation projects. Jiffy steamers can handle much more than just keeping clothing fresh! You'd be surprised by all of the amazing things a Jiffy can do...take a look at just a few rave reviews from last month to see what we're talking about!

J-2000 Personal Clothes Steamers

Light and Easy

"Easy to set up and use. Always ironed-this is much lighter and handles delicates very well with no fear of ruining."

High-Quality User-Friendly Steamer

"Assembles easily and quickly. Easy to use and works like a pro. Tank holds tons of water so no need to refill constantly. Love it!"

Must buy!

"Great Machine for all of my more delicate fabrics. I don’t know how I ever lived without it."

Utilitarian function made for longevity

"My first steamer, but it reminds me of an old sewing machine from my grandmother’s house, i.e., extreme quality with parts that were made to longevity, not economy. It even feels old, heavy, thick, and very utilitarian. All of these factors are a great thing, because it just works, and probably will for a long time."

Most useful purchase on Amazon

"It’s my magic machine;)))"


"Awesome!!!!! I just purchased a new wardrobe from Amazon. Everything was a creased wrinkled mess! As expected of course, no complaints! I filled this baby up and steamed for a couple hours. Everything looks as nice as if it were pressed at the dry cleaners.

Hot hot steam, very fast heat up time. Definitely recommend the metal wand.

Happy pressing!"

Love my new steamer

"I love my new steamer. I sell on Poshmark and this makes my life so much easier in getting my clothes steamed, it’s very sturdy and gets the job done in no time."

J-4000M Garment Steamer with Metal Steam Head

Works great

"Love this thing. We used to steam linen table clothes—- Works great"

Jiffy ESTEAM Handheld Clothes Steamer

Ready in a minute

"Works well and in a minute is ready to go!!"

So much more convenient

"Works great! So much more convenient than ironing!

- - -

Are you looking to start off this year on a fresh foot? A Jiffy Steamer offers steam solutions that will give your home and clothes a much-needed revitalization. Take a look at our clothing steamers online or find out where you can buy a steamer near you. We hope you enjoy it as much as the lovely customers above do.