Our Favorite December 2017 Reviews

Woman using clothing steamer

Wow! Jiffy Steamer customers certainly had a lot of wonderful things to say about their Jiffy clothes steamers in December! Fans enjoy Jiffy steamers' ease of use and powerful steam. We love hearing about how they make your day-to-day lives a little easier! Check out some of our favorite reviews from the month of December.

J-2000 Personal Clothing Steamers

"Amazing product -- heats up super fast, doesn't 'spit' water like my old one did, and creases/wrinkles are gone in an instant. Base is sturdy even though I overstress it with more hanging items than I should! I would highly recommend to anyone.."


"My life saver. Please make yourself happy, and your life easier. There is no need for dry cleaning anymore."


"It’s everything you need. Plus it’s PINK What more needs to be said?"


"No need to iron on a daily basis. A couple of minutes tops with steamer knocks out the wrinkles."


"Gets the job done and doesn't quit. Very satisfied with how easy this is to work with. Everything about it is straightforward."




"Love it. Use it all the time. No ironing in this house!"


"Very well made, in the USA, and makes excellent steam! I replaced a 5-7yo Rowenta model that I thought was good, but this is better. All the new Rowenta models seem to be covered in gizmos and gadgets (unlike the old one that was just a steamer like this) that I did NOT want, so this seemed to fit the bill for a no-frills, solid steamer that just makes steam and lots of it!"


"Just got off the phone with your service and ordering department. As usual, you guys always hit a home run with efficiency, knowledge of product and courteous/friendly interaction."

Bonus: Your Best Digs Review of Jiffy J-2000 and ESTEAM

We came across this terrific review from "Your Best Digs" naming the Jiffy J-2000 and Jiffy ESTEAM the best standing and handheld steamers, respectively. "Your Best Digs" provides unbiased, in-depth reviews of home products for shoppers that want the best.

"We loved the Jiffy ESTEAM’s big brother, the J-2000," they write. "This standing model performed very well, letting us knock out multiple articles of clothing while in a comfortable standing position. It heats up in about two minutes and gives an hour and half of steam on a full tank, letting you ease out those wrinkles in a jiff."

When it came to our top-notch travel steamer, the ESTEAM, they had this to say:

"The Jiffy ESTEAM got rid of wrinkles in no time with a sturdy and functional design. It performed consistently well through many rounds of testing on cotton, linen and silk. The ESTEAM’s simplicity and steaming power was unmatched to the other models we tested. We’d take it along with us on travels and pull it out at home as well."

Read their full clothing steamer review to see how they tested each model and how Jiffy steamed the competition.

Jiffy's steamers for clothes, hard surface cleaningcarpet installationhat shaping, and travel are made in America and built to better your life. If you're ready to see what all the buzz is about for yourself, shop Jiffy Steamer today!