jiffy garment steamer steaming blue shirt

April was certainly full of showers, but thanks to all the amazing praise Jiffy Steamer customers showered on our clothing steamers, we didn't mind the rain a bit! Not only are our durable, made-in-the-USA steamers great for refreshing clothing, they're perfect for knocking out a little spring hard surface cleaning or even automotive tint removal. Don't believe our steamers can tackle so many different tasks? Let some of our favorite customer reviews from the month of April convince you!

J-2000 Personal Clothes Steamers

"Awesome product and well built! I waited almost a year to write this review as I wanted to put it through the works first. I use it daily to steam my clothes before work and it is great on so many levels. First off it was well packaged and easy to assemble. Secondly the parts are heavy, well made and of good quality. No cheap plastic or flimsy materials like other steamers I looked at and previously owned. I have had no issues in a year. The water canister holds a lot of water and is sturdy. I have my unit in the closet and I have carpet in the closet. No leaks or spills. The hand piece is of durable material and the hose as well. It gets hot quickly and works as described. Compared to my old unit made in China, this is a pleasure to use. I have not cleaned it in a year and again no issues. Highly recommend!"


"This is my favorite. I use it every day on everything."


"I used one of these years ago when I worked in a retail bridal shop. I am not sure how I survived this long without one of my own. I LOVE my Jiffy steamer! I have steamed all my drapes, my sheets, my button down shirts, the bedskirts, and even used to flatten out the brim of my large brim straw and felt hats."


"After reading several comparisons online on clothes steamers, I finally decided on a Jiffy. It's exactly what I wanted in a clothes steamer - simplicity and quality."


"Love it. Works perfectly. Makes ironing a thing of the past. Such a time saver."


"Delivered as promised. Great product."


"By far the best steamer we've ever owned. Use caution as the hose and head are unbelievably hot- but that's what makes it such a great steamer!"

Jiffy ESTEAM Handheld Clothes Steamer

"I had this steamer for over 20 years. I had a small custom drapery business and it was great during installations to create beautiful folds in the fabric (otherwise you have a flat piece of material). It's powerful enough to steam through drapery fabric and lining at the same time. The horizontal steam holes cover more area then random triangle ones. This steamer works well on normal garments too which is why mine came up missing. My "cheer leader coach" daughter took it to a cheer competition and I never saw it again. I'm ordering a new pink one so I can write my name on it."


"Use it daily and it works like a champ!"

Jiffy J-4000 Commercial Clothing Steamer

"The J-4000 is a super good steamer! It makes quick work of removing wrinkles. Wish I had bought it a long time ago! I do want to buy the board to use with it."

Jiffy J-2 Garment Steamer

I've owned this steamer for over 8 years and it has been through SO MUCH beating and it still runs like new! No seriously, I never write reviews but after seeing how much of a beating this thing can take I just had to write one. Now sometimes things will need a replacement like the wooden handle but thats probably because we use this steamer in our automotive window tinting shop.
This steamer is built with amazing durability, in our tint shop we sometimes have to transport tools to other shops so we would just throw the steamer into our trailer and ship it off, or sometimes frustration on a car gets the best of you and release some of that frustration on the nearest things which would be the steamer, and this sucker still works. Too make a long story short I'll list out the Pros and Cons
- Extremely Durable (has literally been thrown and kicked around for 8 years and still functions)
- Steady and constant steam blowing
- Has wheels so its mobile
- Blows really HOT steam (we use it to remove window tint and bumper stickers)
- Water Jug lasts a really long time before going empty

- Metal tip gets really hot ( duhhh is blowing steam) so just avoid touching the metal tip tube"

There you have it! Whether Jiffy fans use their steamers for clothes, cleaning or other tasks, they're blown away by the strength and power of Jiffy's pure steam. Our steamers can even make the perfect gift for the well-dressed dad in your life this Father's Day! Find out where to buy a steamer near you or shop Jiffy Steamer online today.