2017 Father's Day Gift Guide

Hopefully our Mother's Day Gift Guide helped you find the perfect gift for Mom. However, we wouldn't want to leave out Dad! Father's Day is fast approaching, so here's our guide to let Dad know you're thinking of him.

A Portable Printer

For all those photos Dad loves to take on family trips with his phone, now he can print the best to hang on the fridge or tape to his workstation. Available with support for both Android and iPhone, these handy gadgets are available to print 2x3 and 4x6 sized photos. A variety of well-known photo companies sell these printers, including some that allow you to turn your photos into stickers, just in case Dad wants to put a family photo on his laptop case.

Sunrise-Simulating Alarm Clock

Although daylight happens earlier in the summer, perhaps Dad has an early morning routine or job that involves him waking up before the sun year-round. Instead of letting him rely on a noisy radio clock or his phone, give him the gift of more restful sleep. Alarm clocks that simulate sunrise over a period of time use light to wake you up gradually. This is found to stimulate the body to wake more naturally and comfortably. And if your dad likes to hit snooze at least once, that feature is still available.

Grooming Kit

Much like the home spa basket you may have customized for Mom, don't leave Dad out when it comes to that personal care to help him feel good about his looks. Many quality grooming kits that feature the essentials of nail clippers, tweezers, files and more are sold in sturdy leather cases that are also sized for travel. Pair this with his favorite aftershave, hair product, and specialty hand cream for working hands and Dad will be feeling fantastic before his next meeting (or his next date with Mom!).

A Jiffy Steamer

The gift of a Jiffy Steamer will further boost Dad's confidence as he preps to leave the house in wrinkle-free clothes for the day. He'll have fewer trips to the dry-cleaners after a quick refresh of his suit or shirt by using a Jiffy Steamer. Whether it's the multi-use J-2000 or the small-but-powerful ESTEAM handheld steamer, you'll be giving Dad the gift of a dependable, American-made product that will assist him for years to come.

Shop Jiffy Steamer today to find the Jiffy product perfect for Dad today!