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Fall Allergy Relief, Brought to You By Steam

Ah, allergies — they're not just for spring! Many allergy sufferers are well aware that things like ragweed, mold and dust mites can be large triggers in the early fall. The sneezing, sniffling, coughing and itchy eyes can be too much to bear.

But before you reach for your traditional products to disinfect your home, know that there's a better, natural way to keep your allergy symptoms at bay this month.

The Issue with Chemical Cleaners

While it seems as though chemical-based cleaners would be most effective (and aggressive) against dust, dirt and common allergens, they may also come with their own set of issues. These cleaners may oversell their effectiveness and often cannot completely remove germs and other pathogens from surfaces around your home. They have also been known to aggravate respiratory conditions, including some allergy symptoms.

The Benefits of Steam Cleaning for Allergies

As an alternative, steam cleaning proves to be extremely effective against ordinary household grime, dirt, dust, pet dander and germs — things that further irritate many allergy sufferers during this season. Here are the reasons why steam can be your best friend.

All-Natural and Safe

Bacteria is known to hang out on hard surfaces and can often be difficult to fully get rid of. While they may help eradicate some dirt and other allergens, traditional cleaners can introduce unhealthy chemicals into your home's air. This may not only impact allergy sufferers but the vulnerable immune systems of children and pets as well.

Steam cleaning can get rid of tough grime on hard surfaces, killing bacteria without any harsh chemicals. 

Efficiently Kills Germs and Bacteria

Dust mites tend to live in upholstered fabric like mattresses, bedding, carpets and rugs. Chemical cleaners only partially get the job done. Steam cleaning has been proven to kill many strains of bacteria as well as dust mites in no time at all. 

The Jiffy Steamer is able to kill up to 100 percent of dust mites on contact, eliminating possible triggers for your seasonal allergies.   


Often when it comes to buying household cleaners, it can take several purchases to find the right product. Or many people end up purchasing several different products that they think address different household issues.

Steam cleaning, however, can be used in a myriad of ways around your home. While the cost may feel like more at the start, your cleaner will quickly pay for itself with its versatility.

The Jiffy Steamer Advantage

You may have heard about Jiffy Steamers but only associate them with getting wrinkles out of clothing and upholstery. While that's a very big benefit of a Jiffy, it can do so much more beyond that.

Jiffy Steamer is your best tool for keeping your house clean, safe and healthy. Whether you're an allergy sufferer this month, need to get the wrinkles out of drapes next month, the Jiffy will make your life simpler and healthier with its incredible steam solutions. Spend your time enjoying your life — not cleaning.

Are you ready to take the plunge? Check out where to buy a Jiffyor purchase a steamer online today!