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Use discount code STEAM CLEAN for 10% off your order

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Eco-Friendly Ways To Keep Your Home Cool

Jiffy clothing steamer eco-friendly cool home

A whopping 70 percent of homes in the United States have air conditioning systems to keep them cool. Summer months are the perfect time to activate the A/C and chill indoors when the heat outside is too much to bear. Right? Well, unfortunately, not if you want to keep your utility bill and environmental impact low.

We're big fans of being eco-friendly here at Jiffy. Our clothing steamers allow you to keep your clothes and home fresh without wasting energy or using harmful chemicals, which are often environmentally damaging to produce and to use. Jiffy Steamer was even featured as a green cleaning tool, so we're all about helping people to go greener. Lucky for you, and for the planet, there are other ways besides cranking up the A/C to keep cool during the steamy summer heat!

The best way to keep your home cool

Our #1 tip is to keep your windows open at night and closed during the day. When heat enters your house during a hot day, it has no way to escape, creating a small greenhouse effect within your home. The key is to keep the openings of your house closed as much as possible during the daytime. Keeping the shades drawn shut and blocking out sunlight will also help to keep the temperature in your home from rising during the heat of the day. But at night, you can surely let a bit of air in! As long as you live in a lower humidity region, the hot air in your home will be replaced by the cool air of nighttime before you even know it.

Keep your eye on these household machines

Fans are also a simple and less costly method of getting your house to cool down. A whole-house fan is ideal, as it minimizes energy consumption and maximizes results. Powering up the washer or dryer will also heat up your home and suck a lot of energy. If you have an item of clothing you want to wear that's in need of a quick refresh, try using your Jiffy clothing steamer to breath a little life into it instead of the washer or dryer!

Your oven and stove will also emit heat (naturally), so choosing to grill meals outside might be a better option. As for your lights, incandescent bulbs tend to generate a bit of unwanted heat, so choosing another bulb type will help your home stay a bit cooler.

Find the coolest spots to hang out in

Remember this basic principle... heat rises! So spend more time on the lower levels of your house if you have a multi-story home. If you're reading a book, playing a game, or enjoying a snack, just pick a spot in your basement or lower level, rather than on the middle or top floor. Finally, if you can put a window unit in your bedroom, you might be able to avoid using central A/C in the rest of your home most of the time! You'd be surprised how much you save on your energy bill by keeping just one essential space cool.

There are plenty of ways to cut down on energy usage in your home, but limiting your A/C usage is typically the biggest piece of the pie during the summer. We can tell you from experience, it's worth the little bit of extra effort to be eco-conscious! A few years ago, Jiffy Steamer invested in making our manufacturing process as environmentally friendly as possible by implementing a recycling initiative to decrease landfill waste. Since then, we've eliminated literally tons of landfill waste from our plant!

Enjoy your cooler, eco-friendly home, and make sure you stay green by keeping your clothes and home fresh with Jiffy clothing steamers this summer! Don't have one of your own yet? Shop our garment steamers online or find a Jiffy dealer near you today!