Deep-cleaning your house with Jiffy Steamer

We all get a little crazy sometimes when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing. If you’ve ever spent an entire day washing, wiping and scrubbing every surface in sight, we know how you feel.

And we’re happy to let you know that our steamers can help you get those tough cleaning jobs done quickly and easily—so you don’t have to wonder where your Saturdays keep going. Sure, your Jiffy Steamer’s primary use is keeping your clothes fresh and wrinkle-free, but with Jiffy’s various steam heads, you can transform your steamer and use its power for cleaning.

Check out these five ways Jiffy Steamer can make deep-cleaning your home painless.


With your steamer, you don’t have to worry about spending too much time here. Use your Jiffy Steamer and brush attachment attachment to get into all the hardest to reach spots—under the rim, around the hinges and behind the tank. You’ll find that steam makes wiping off the dust and grime easy. No scrubbing required.  Let the power of steam do the work.

Tile & Grout

There’s nothing quite like looking at your once-white grout and noticing that it’s turned an ugly shade of dirty brown or gray. Use your Jiffy Steamer and brush attachment to lift the dirt out and clear it away without getting down on your hands and knees with that old toothbrush.

Carpets & Rugs

This one is especially useful for the obsessive cleaner in us all. You know those “dents” that form in your carpets when a piece of furniture or other heavy item has been sitting there for a while? Just use your steamer to relax your carpets and rugs back into flawless condition without causing any damage to the fibers.

Grills & Cooktops

There’s really no preventing the grill from getting dirty from time to time. But you don’t have to deal with the mess of scraping the grime off when you can just loosen it with steam and wipe it away with half the time and effort.

We’re sure there are a hundred more ways to use steam to keep our homes looking and feeling spotless—we’re just getting started with this list.

Tell us how you’ve used your Jiffy Steamer around the house!