Creative Ways to Clean with Steam

If you own a Jiffy Steamer, you're sure to know all about how the power of steam can provide solutions for so many of your daily needs. But you may not have thought of all the ways your steamer can make your life a little easier. We did some brainstorming for you, and came up with some creative ways to use your Jiffy around the house that will save you valuable time and effort.

Clean the Grill

After a long summer of barbecuing delicious dinners out on your grill, its grates are probably looking a little worse for the wear. You scour and scrub at it with your grill brush but that stubborn burnt-on food just won't fully disappear. And using chemical cleaners to help is not ideal for a surface you cook food on. Save the frustration and grab your Jiffy! Its steam is free of chemicals, eco-friendly, and is powerful enough to loosen up that tough grease and grime. Simply blast those grates with its powerful stream of steam and scrub them with a wire grill brush, or the"B" brush steam head attachment. The hot steam will make getting rid of build-up far more effective, efficient, and easy!

Freshen Up Your Patio Furniture

Just like your grill, your outdoor furniture likely got plenty of use during the summer months. While you know how great your Jiffy is for indoor furniture, you might not have thought to use it on your upholstered patio furniture and cloth umbrellas. Steaming the fabric will rid it of wrinkles and refresh its appearance. You can even steam the metal parts of the furniture to loosen up any dirt or grime that may have accumulated on it for easy cleaning.

Kill Bacteria on Plastic Surfaces

Did you know that bacteria can attach to and live on plastic for up to 24 hours? If you have kids in the house, you can probably think of tons of plastic surfaces they touch every day. High chair trays, car seats, and strollers are just a few that come to mind. Chemical cleaners can kill bacteria, but are bad for the environment and can make kids sick. Luckily, there's no need for them. Just hit those surfaces with a blast of steam - it kills bacteria on contact!

Use it in the Kitchen

There are plenty of spots in the kitchen that can benefit from the power of steam. Use it to clean the surfaces of your stainless steel appliances - just steam and wipe. It also makes cleansing your sink a cinch! Loosen spilt, stubborn food buildup on your smoothtop stove for quick cleaning, too. Hard surfacesanywhere in your home are one of Jiffy Steamers' specialties!

With the help of your steamer your pesky household chores will be done in a jiffy. If you don't have one of your own yet, what are you waiting for? Order yours online today, or skip the shipping time and find a Jiffy Steamer dealer near you!