jiffy clothing steamer steaming bedding

You've heard about the magic powers of clothes steamers and you're ready to ditch the iron and make the switch. But how to choose the right one for you?

Every Jiffy Steamer is a little different. And no matter how you are planning to use it, there's a Jiffy Steamer for you. Here's an easy guide to all our steamer options.

I'd Like to Steam Clothes and Other Fabrics At Home

The Jiffy Personal Clothing Steamer  (aka J-2000) quickly and effectively takes out wrinkles from clothes, tablecloths, bedspreads and more. It offers a gentler, faster alternative to ironing that refreshes fabrics and breathes new life into them while de-wrinkling. 

Pro Tip

The metal head will feel more heavy duty (it's 1 lb heavier). It will also get very hot - so you have to be careful not to touch it! Many prefer the metal head if they're frequently steaming both heavy and delicate fabrics.

The plastic head will be more lightweight and does not become as hot (but still be careful!).

I Travel A Lot For Work

Our ESTEAM Handheld Travel Steamer is the right tool for the job. This lightweight, packable steamer is ideal for those on the go — especially those who need to look their best while traveling.

Pro Tip

Frequent global traveler? The ESTEAM Travel Converter and Adaptor Plugs set will enable you to use your steamer wherever you go.

I Need a Heavy-Duty Steamer for My Business

Have multiple tablecloths or bedspreads that need to look presentable on a daily basis? The Jiffy Pro-Line Series Commercial Clothing Steamer (or J-4000) is Jiffy's most powerful model. Does your business frequently handle carpet installations or need to remove furniture dents from carpets? The J-4000C Commercial Carpet Steamer makes the work quicker and easier than any other tool! 

Pro Tip

Choose the optional 6" wide metal head and wooden handle to add extra durability to your clothing steamer. 

I Want an Easy Way Remove Tint and Vinyl Wrap

Our SteamBlade is an innovative steamer that quickly (and safely) removes window tint and film as well as vinyl wrap and lettering. Get the job done in a fraction of the time with high quality results.

Pro Tip

Use the protective gloves supplied with the SteamBlade to protect your hands from steam while removing tint. After removing the tint, use the steam to heat up any residual adhesive remaining on the window and remove with a hard card.

I Have a Bed Bug Issue

Bed bugs can be pervasive and quite a pain to get rid of, especially if you run a hotel. With the Jiffy X-Series Commercial Bed Bugs & Dust Mites Steamer, you can quickly eradicate bed bugs on contact, without needing harsh chemicals.

Pro Tip

Steam along the length of the material for about 30 seconds per foot to ensure adequate contact.


We hope this guide was helpful for you in choosing between the different Jiffy Steamer options. No matter your challenge, there's a steamer ready to step up to the plate! So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our steamers online or check out where to buy a steamer near you.

Have any additional questions about how to use a Jiffy Steamer? Check out our FAQ page or contact us to learn more.