Celebrity style brought to you by Jiffy Steamer

Julianne Hough

Jiffy Steamer has long been the favorite clothing steamer of celebrity style icons and their stylists. They swear by its wrinkle-busting abilities and rely on it to create the impeccable looks they flaunt on the street, on set and on the red carpet. It’d be impossible to name every hollywood celeb, head of state and fashion icon who’s used our steam solutions, but we’ll start with these six stars:

Sarah Jane Morris

The Brothers & Sisters star told InStyle that her style secret is her Jiffy Steamer, saying, “I love my Jiffy steamer. Steaming your clothes works better than ironing.” We couldn’t agree more! Steam is not only more effective but also causes less damage than harsh irons. Fun fact: Morris is a Tennessee native, just like her Jiffy Steamer! She grew up in Memphis.

Lady Gaga

According to TMZ, Lady Gaga is picky about the care her costumes receive while she’s on tour. Her wardrobe requires its own room, which must be decked out with wardrobe racks, hangers, “a Jiffy clothing steamer and four 6-foot tables covered in linen.” We love that Gaga and her wardrobe are Jiffy Steamer fans—though we’re not surprised, since steam is safe to use on nearly any fabric, and can be used on beaded or sequined numbers where an iron simply won’t do the job.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

This Modern Family star may be hilarious on TV, but he’s serious about traveling in style. Vanity Fair asked Ferguson about his trips to Palm Springs when he’s in need of an escape. “I always bring my Jiffy ESTEAM steamer to get the wrinkles out of clothes,” he said. “It’s powerful enough to press a suit.” In fact, it’s the most powerful handheld steamer on the market!

Jack White

Last year, the Grammy-winning rocker garnered some laughs when his tour rider was leaded by a university paper. While we found his very specific guacamole request as silly as the next guy, we were pretty honored to find out that he’s also picky about his clothing steamer. According to radio.com, he takes a Jiffy Steamer on tour—surely to make sure wardrobe wrinkles don’t distract his fans from the music!

Anita Patrickson

Patrickson is a Los Angeles based freelance stylist to celebrities including Chrissy Teigen, Emma Watson and Julianne Hough. She swears by her ESTEAM handheld steamer, which is an important part of her styling kit. “I haven’t used an iron in about a decade,” she raved in a blog post. “These little ones are so easy and compact.” She recommends keeping one in your personal “at home” styling kit, and we think she’s right—it’s a must-have!

Bonus: Clinton Kelly

It appears that the co-host of What Not to Wear is also a Jiffy Steamer fan. Check out this TLC Fridays promo, and see if you can spot his Jiffy Steamer!

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Photo via As Seib / Los Angeles Times