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Use promo code SNOW for 10% off your order

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Bringing the Power of Steam Outdoors

The sun is setting later and the heat is setting in — summer is (almost!) officially here. However, your outdoor space may need a bit of a refresh after a long winter and spring. 

Did you know that Jiffy has a wide variety of steam solutions, even for tasks outside the home? See how you can get ready for summer by taking your clothing steamer outdoors. 


If you have a grill, you likely use it more than your stove and oven in the summer months. But this also means that the grill can take quite a beating and require more elbow grease than most appliances to clean. Your steam cleaner is a great non-toxic method for making your grill like new. 

First, remove food remnants from the grill. If you have a charcoal grill, remove charcoal pieces, and if it's a gas grill, unscrew the propane tank. Let your steamer heat up nearby and when ready, aim the steam at all areas of the grill, both inside and outside. After you've steamed sufficiently, you can use a scrub brush to easily remove any loosened dirt and debris.


Have patio cushions that have seen better days? If your cushions have sat outside through storms and sun, the answer is likely yes. You probably already know the benefits of steaming upholstery for your indoor furniture, but luckily, your steam cleaner can provide great assistance in shaping up that outdoor furniture too!

If there are deep stains in the fabric, you may need to spray a cleaning solution in advance of steaming. Let your preferred cleaning solution soak in for 15-30 minutes. Next, take your Jiffy Steamer to kill bacteria and freshen up the furniture. If you used a cleaner, you can rinse the cushions off again with a hose and let them air dry before use.


Now that you know that our clothes steamers are for more than just clothes, you can be ready for summer in no time at all! Whether you're looking for a way to help keep your home fresh and clean, are ready to upgrade from your iron, or want to make hard surface cleaning a breeze, Jiffy Steamer has your back.

If you haven't joined the Jiffy Steamer fan club yet, find out where to buy a steamer or order online today!