Best Dressed Coach Relies on ESTEAM

Bobby Steinburg

March Madness is in full swing and all eyes are on the teams and the coaches competing in the NCAA Tournament. Because so much attention is given to the coaches and the players during March Madness, being well-dressed is key to showing professionalism and respect for the game.

No one does this better than our favorite NCAA D1 men’s basketball coach, Bobby Steinburg. Steinburg, Associate Head Coach at Youngstown State University, was ranked #10 on Coach Stat’s list of the best-dressed coaches in D1! Plus, our ESTEAM handheld steamer made the list as the recommended travel accessory. says:

"With enough suits to outfit a Fortune 500 company, Steinburg’s attire is carefully selected at Ticknor’s Men’s Clothier, custom designs by SelfMade Menswear, with shoes/accessories for every combination. His attire raises the bar for all professionals, let alone coaches. Steinburg’s class and attention to detail on the court translates to his men’s fashion etiquette-driving his success. His travel fashion secret – the Jiffy Travel Steamer."

Bobby Steinburg uses ESTEAM

Bobby Steinburg hasn’t been shy about how he stays fresh while traveling – he credits his trusty ESTEAM handheld steamer! “Every business professional (man or woman) should own a Jiffy Steamer,” Steinburg says. “It’s just as essential as your wallet, razor or toiletry bag. On extended road trips, I can pack lighter and know that I can steam whatever I need to for a second wear if necessary.”

Steinburg’s inspiration for having impeccable style is his former coach and mentor, David Farrar. “I was extremely impressed by the image he portrayed and his ability to dress and always look professional and stylish,” Steinburg says.

For over 15 years, Steinburg has been an ambassador for Jiffy Steamer since he received one as a gift from Farrar. In an interview for his Steam Story a couple years ago, Steinburg said, “Fifteen years later, and I still consider it the most useful gift I have ever received.” That’s one solid gift recommendation!

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