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Use discount code STEAM CLEAN for 10% off your order

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Mastering Your School-year Mornings: 5 Ways to Make Mornings Stress-free

Mastering Your School-year Mornings: 5 Ways to Make Mornings Stress-free

School’s in session for most students (and will be soon for the ones who haven’t started just yet). That means parents everywhere are remembering just how chaotic those mornings can be. Between eating breakfast, getting the kids ready for school and getting yourself ready for work, it might seem impossible to have a stress-free morning. But it’s not—just use Jiffy Steamer’s techniques for turning the chaos into order every morning of the week!

Plan Everybody’s Outfits Ahead Of Time

You can save tons of time by making those all-important fashion decisions a part of your family’s Sunday night wind-down routine. Get the kids involved by letting them choose their outfits for each day of the week, sorting them by labeling each shelf of a fabric clothes organizer. Reserve space in your own closet or dresser to hang or stack your own weekday outfits.

Pack Lunches The Night Before

Rather than throwing your kids’ lunches together at the last minute every morning, pack their lunch boxes every night after dinner. Adopting this method will help you ensure the kids are eating healthy meals at school, instead of sacrificing nutrition for convenience with pre-packaged options. Bonus: Packing lunch every night is awesome, but prepping a whole week of lunches on Sunday night is even better!

Prep Backpacks The Night Before

Scrambling to find last night’s homework every morning makes for extra-stressful mornings. Make sure your kids have their bags all packed up the night before. While you’re at it, double check that your own tote or briefcase is ready for work tomorrow. Make sure everybody’s bag is hanging up by the front door for easy access on the way out!

Create A Morning Soundtrack

Set the mood, and the speed, every morning with an upbeat soundtrack featuring your kids’ favorite music. Make a game of it for younger children by setting goals—teeth brushed by the end of this song, breakfast plates in the dishwasher by the end of that song, etc. Using music to keep everybody on track can make for an all around more enjoyable morning for everybody!

Ditch The Iron—Steam Instead

Ironing takes way too long for jam-packed school-year mornings. Luckily, there’s a quicker, easier alternative for busy families who know that the best looks are wrinkle-free! Jiffy Steamer’s personal steamers heat up and steam away the toughest wrinkles in just seconds. Plus, they keep those brand-new back-to-school outfits safe from the damage caused by ironing.

Ready to start loving your school-year mornings instead of dreading them? Shop Jiffy Steamer today!