Awesome DIY Halloween Costumes for Pop Culture Buffs

Awesome DIY Halloween Costumes for Pop Culture Buffs

This Halloween, show everybody that you’ve paying attention to what’s big in 2016. DIY a Halloween costume inspired by your favorite classics that were brought back into the spotlight this year!

Sandy Or Danny

Grease is America’s favorite musical—and it made a big reappearance in 2016 with Fox’s Grease Live! Dressing up as Danny Zuko or Sandy Olsson is super easy. You probably have everything you need already! Just wear a black t-shirt and pants. If you’re going as Danny, slick back your hair. If you’re going as Sandy, big curly hair and red shoes will complete the look.

A Ghostbuster

This year was a big one for Ghostbusters, with a new (and hilarious) movie featuring an all-star cast that revived the classic movie’s popularity. Whether you’re a girl or a guy, all you need to bust this Halloween’s spookiest ghosts is a neutral jumpsuit (or a tan button-down), some orange duct tape, and a backpack with some vacuum attachments for sucking up ghosts. To finish off the look wear your favorite combat boots and add a Ghostbusters patch or pin!

Dory Or Nemo

Finding Dory is a pretty big deal. Honor your favorite marine dwellers by dressing up like them. Make your Dory costume by wearing all blue. Create a yellow fin with some cardboard and elastic straps you can wear over your shoulders. If you’d rather go as Nemo, wear your favorite all-orange outfit and add stripes with white duct tape or ribbon. Then, just keep swimming until you’ve impressed all your friends with your DIY skills!

A Minion

The Minions may have had their big debut in Despicable Me, but they’re full-blown superstars now that they’ve got their own feature film! Grab your denim overalls, a yellow t-shirt and some black gloves, glasses and shoes and you’re all set to go. You can make a splash in your solo minion costume or travel with a whole group of minions to really make a statement.

Rey, Finn Or BB-8

Star Wars fans old and young will be milling the streets this Halloween as their favorite galactic characters. We personally think Rey, Finn and BB-8 make for perfect solo costumes and an even better get-up for the whole family! Mom can go as Rey by donning neutral colors cinched at the waist. Dad just needs a leather bomber jacket to pull off the Finn look. And baby makes an adorable BB-8 in a white onesie with orange tape for the details.

Whether you decide to go as your favorite 50s high school sweethearts or a hilarious team of bright yellow aliens, make sure your Halloween costume stands out by keeping it wrinkle-free. Before you head out for your night of tricks and treats, be sure to give your costume a quick once-over with your Jiffy Steamer!