Jiffy Steamer Around the World - The Netherlands

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Although all of our Jiffy Steamer products are made in America, we proudly distribute around the world. From Europe to Australia, people love our steamers for clothes and professional use. This week, we're continuing our "Around the World" blog series where we highlight some of our dealers from across the globe.

In this post, we're pleased to feature our valued dealer Walter Van der A, owner of Van der A Naaimachines B.V. in the Netherlands. He was introduced to the distribution industry by his father, Van der A Senior, who founded the company in July of 1974. The company began as a sewing machines dealer, supplying machines and ironing equipment during a time when the textile industry in the Netherlands was booming. (The word naaimachines is Dutch for sewing machines.) Walter took over the company from his father and has been running it successfully ever since.

Van der A Naaimachines sells ironing equipment, sewing machines and related accessories worldwide. Their machines can be found in the United States, Europe, Mexico, China, Korea and soon Australia. The company has been a Jiffy Steamer dealer for over 20 years, and in that time Jiffy steamers have grown to become an important part of the company's gross sales. Recently, they provided Tesla with our steamers to enable them to steam the fabrics of cars that come in for service!

When asked why he believes his customers choose Van der A Naaimachines and Jiffy Steamer, Walter cited his company's fast, first-rate customer service and the high quality of Jiffy Steamers. Many customers come to Van der A Naaimachines seeking a replacement for other, low-quality steamers that failed them quickly. "Those customers are so happy with Jiffy Steamer," said Walter. "They experienced the worst and after using a Jiffy Steamer, they experience what a quality steamer is like."

In regards to the partnership between our two companies, Walter said, "I would say it is one of our best relations we have among suppliers. When visiting the factory in Union City, Tennessee in the United States you always get a warm welcome. This makes a business visit personal, and I appreciate these gestures."

It has been such a pleasure for us here at Jiffy Steamer to partner with Walter for all these years in distributing the world's best clothing steamers. We value our long-lasting relationship and how it has brought our products to people all over the world. We hope to forge many partnerships in more and more countries as successful as this one.