Jiffy Steamer Around the World - U.S.A.

Jiffy clothing steamer around the world, red barn with American flag

Jiffy Steamer products are distributed all over the world, from Africa to Europe to Australia and beyond. But there's no place like home, which is why we're continuing our Jiffy Steamer Around the World series with a feature on one of our valued dealers right here in the United States!

As a family-owned business founded in the heart of America, Jiffy Steamer prides ourselves on making all our products right here in the U.S. We also take pride in partnering with companies similar to our own to distribute our products across the country. In this installment of our Around the World series, we're excited to feature one of our most valued national dealers, Carmen's Distribution Systems, Inc.

Carmen's began as a simple vacuum shop in central Ohio that sold, serviced and provided parts for every variety of vacuum on the market. Founders John and Beth Geehring gradually grew the business over time, expanding from their single original retail location to four and providing national retail clothing chains with vacuums and cleaning supplies. They also identified a need within these chains for vacuum repair and began offering a rotational program to them to service their vacuums, saving the chains considerable amounts of money.

Today, Carmen's distributes a wide selection of vacuums and vacuum parts, cleaning/facility maintenance supplies, cleaning equipment and parts and a range of small appliances nationwide. The relationship between Jiffy and Carmen's began through Carmen's rotational service program and work with large retail companies. They started offering Jiffy to their retail clients as a reliable, high-quality clothing steamer that could quickly prep their stock for sale.

Carmen's has been selling and servicing Jiffy steamers both within their home state of Ohio and across the nation for over 25 years now. They offer Jiffy clothes steamers and accessories to every national clothing chain they service and all their other national business presences, in addition to featuring Jiffy in their own retail stores.

According to the Vice President of Carmen's Distribution Systems, Carmen's customers respect and appreciate that Jiffy steamers are made in America by a family-owned business. "When the consumer thinks garment steamer," says Jason, "the Jiffy name is the first that comes to mind."

When asked about the partnership between Carmen's and Jiffy Steamer, Jason said, "The Jiffy company has always honored the promises that it has given us. It has also protected a company of our size (a small family business) even with the globalization of large/corporate business and the immense impact of the Internet. Jiffy is a company of their word."

Jiffy Steamer has always enjoyed an excellent relationship with Carmen's, both professionally and personally. We feel honored to be able to partner with a family-owned, American business like our own in order to bring our clothing steamers to happy customers all over the country. We look forward to forming more successful and positive partnerships with upstanding companies like Carmen's, both nationally and abroad.