Our Favorite April 2017 Reviews

When you find something amazing, you want to tell everyone you know. That’s exactly what our customers are doing after purchasing the J-2000 personal clothing steamer. We've collected some of our personal favorite reviews from the last month to show you how Jiffy Steamers come in handy when you need them most. Check them out.

 “I was looking for a professional steamer for my wedding and life. The J-2000 fit the bill perfectly. I have worked with the J-4000 as someone who worked in retail but wanted something a little smaller but by the Jiffy brand as their steamers are amazing … Excellent product, great brand, awesome smaller size. Who needs an iron with this!”

 “Excellent steamer. Much better at producing steam compared to a [steamer] I previously owned. Would definitely recommend the metal steam head as it has nice weight and also helps to reduce wrinkles by acting like an iron.”

 “The best. Use it everyday.”

 “After reading independent reviews on steamers, the Jiffy repeatedly stood out as a best buy, so I bought this one and I'm not sorry. I had tried a small 'travel steamer' which was a great disappointment and returned it. But this steamer does exactly what it promises, relaxes wrinkles in a very short period of time, is highly portable with nicely functional wheels, is sturdy and reliable.”

 “Best steamer ever.”

 “This is fabulous! I had wanted a steamer for ages but most of them meant for home use just don't work well at all. I decided to try this based on reviews and boy am I glad i did because I bought this to steam my daughter's wedding dress and it worked perfectly. I can’t say enough about how great this works to get the wrinkles out of things that you just can't iron.”

 “Jiffy is really the standard in steamers. I use these daily in my fashion work. They also work incredibly for removing wallpaper. Don't waste money on other brands.”

 “WOW! First off I did not get this product free. I am very impressed with the quality of this steamer. The steamer is built like something from the 50's with solid brass fittings, aluminum steam head wooden handle etc. Wrinkles have no chance of survival with the amount of steam it produces (bye bye crappy made in china handheld steamer).”

 There you have it. The J-2000 continues to do its job – making life easier for our customers. We love seeing our quality steaming products improve the lives of so many people. If you're ready to make the switch from ironing to steam, head to jiffysteamer.com to purchase the J-2000 personal clothing steamer.