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Jiffy® Steamer's steam technology experts provide the latest industry insights and company news.

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Our Favorite December 2017 Reviews

2/1/2018 10:32 AM | By Jiffy Steamer

Wow! Jiffy Steamer customers certainly had a lot of wonderful things to say about their Jiffy clothes steamers in December! Fans enjoy Jiffy steamers' ease of use and powerful steam. We love hearing about how they make your day-to-day lives a little easier! Check out some of our favorite reviews from the month of December.

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Jiffy Steamer's Tips For An Organized Home in 2018

1/17/2018 3:30 PM | By Jiffy Steamer

After the hectic rush of the holiday season, January brings an opportunity for a fresh start. But there's no need to make an overly ambitious resolution in order to achieve a new beginning in the new year! Simply streamlining your stuff, clearing the clutter and knocking out a few neglected chores will set you on a clear course for a more organized, less stressful 2018. To that end, Jiffy Steamer has two big tips for achieving a simple organization strategy in your home.

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Our Favorite November 2017 Reviews

1/2/2018 11:01 AM | By Jiffy Steamer

At Jiffy Steamer, there's nothing we love more than a happy customer - especially when they're telling us how much they love their Jiffy! Lucky for us, Jiffy's clothing steamers had quite a few fans with great things to say in November. Check out some of our favorite fabulous reviews from the month.

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Jiffy Steamer Around the World - The Netherlands

12/18/2017 4:38 PM | By Jiffy Steamer

Although all of our Jiffy Steamer products are made in America, we proudly distribute around the world. From Europe to Australia, people love our steamers for clothes and professional use. This week, we're continuing our "Around the World" blog series where we highlight some of our dealers from across the globe.

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The Most Popular Christmas Gifts in 2017

11/28/2017 3:26 PM | By Jiffy Steamer

Stumped on a gift for a loved one this holiday season? We get it. We all have that person in our lives that's truly impossible to shop for. That's why we've put together this list of the gifts that nearly everyone is asking Santa for this year. You can't go wrong with any of these - but make sure you get yours before they sell out!

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The Best 2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals to Shop Online

11/21/2017 11:22 AM | By Jiffy Steamer

Between all the parties and presents, holiday season can be an expensive time. For most of us, the savings from shopping on Black Friday make a big difference in our holiday budget. If you love the huge discounts, but hate the crazy crowds and long lines, online Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are heaven sent. No need to cut your family time short on Thanksgiving and go camp out in a queue. With a few simple clicks and no stress, you can save big while getting your holiday shopping out of the way. To make it even easier on you, we've compiled a list of the top deals you can shop online this weekend!

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Our Favorite October 2017 Reviews

11/8/2017 4:30 PM | By Jiffy Steamer

Our customers sure had a lot of awesome things to say about their Jiffy steamers during October! Whether it's saving them time in the morning, or allowing them to keep their clothing fresh through the years, nothing makes us happier than seeing how our products put a smile on our customers' faces. Here are some of the glowing reviews we loved seeing most last month.

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Jiffy's 2017 Guide to Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

11/6/2017 1:32 PM | By Jiffy Steamer

Thanksgiving is just on the horizon, and dreams of a fabulous feast are already dancing in our heads! But for those hosting this year's celebration, the pressure to get prepared is starting to settle in. Taking these easy steps now will prevent the big day from being a mad dash. Just because you're the host doesn't mean you can't enjoy the holiday too!

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Do It Yourself with Jiffy Steamer

10/30/2017 9:53 AM | By Jiffy Steamer

Maybe you're moving into a fixer-upper, or perhaps it's time to refresh your current home's interior. If you have projects around the house, there's no better tool for a DIY-er than a Jiffy Steamer.

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Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

10/23/2017 10:41 AM | By Jiffy Steamer

Did Halloween sneak up on you this year? No need to be spooked! Crafting an inexpensive costume does not require a ton of time and effort. Jiffy Steamer has your back with this list of scary easy last-minute Halloween costumes.

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