8 Things You Didn't Know Jiffy Steamer Could Do

jiffy clothing steamer metal steam head

You already know that when it comes to taking care of your wardrobe, Jiffy can't be beat. But Jiffy Steamer offers more than just the best clothing steamers on the market. You've probably used your Jiffy for hard surface cleaning, or to steam drapes, but the powerful steam from a Jiffy can tackle a wide range of tasks. That's why we put together a list of things you might not know your Jiffy can do!

Jiffy Steamer's Steam Solutions

Hat Shaping

Jiffy Steamer has been an expert in hat care since the company got its start in 1940 with the original J-1 Hat Steamer. Our hat steamers' purified steam effortlessly removes packing marks, nesting rings, wrinkles and other flaws.

Break In Leather Boots

Leather boots are always in style, and always a pain to wear until they're broken in - literally. No one likes sore, chafed, blistered feet. Spare yourself and relax your leather boots with the power of steam, so it can mold perfectly to the shape of your foot. If you're a leather boot retailer, offer the ultimate customer service by breaking in your customers' new boots with our SteamBreaker products.

Carpet Installation

It's a DIYer's dream come true! Skip the price of hiring a professional and install that beautiful new carpet yourself with Jiffy's carpet steamers. Relax and stretch the carpet to help it lay smoothly for easy installation.

Upholstery Care

Whether you're an interior designer, furniture retailer or just someone who loves to keep their furniture looking fresh, Jiffy Steamer has you covered. Our steamers are a fast, effective solution for upholstery care, restoration and wrinkle removal. Plus, the powerful steam restores the density and spring of the hi-resilient foam cores and makes leather and vinyl more pliable.

Wig Styling

Traditional wig styling tools like curling irons and flat irons will ruin the look of a synthetic wig. Jiffy steamers are fast, efficient and gentle enough to revitalize and style wigs without damage. Experiment with different styles and help your wig keep its shape until you're ready to style it again.

Wallpaper Removal

A modern new wallpaper can transform your space, but it can be a pain to remove existing old wallpaper. Other approaches to wallpaper removal are time-consuming, can cause water damage or leave behind a big mess. Jiffy steamers' powerful steam safely and effectively unbinds wallpaper glue faster without damage.

Reducing Allergies and Asthma Symptoms

Dusting and vacuuming leave up to 95% of dust mites behind, exacerbating allergies and asthma symptoms. The steam from a Jiffy steamer kills up to 100% of dust mites on contact, eliminating these potential triggers of allergies and asthma attacks.

Break In Baseball Gloves

Bet you never thought of a Jiffy steamer as the perfect tool for baseball season! Thanks to steam's powerful effect on stiff leather, you can drastically reduce the break-in time period for your new glove, perfectly molding it to the shape of your hand quickly and easily.

There you have it - Jiffy products are so much more than just steamers for clothes! On top of all these innovative uses for your Jiffy, our ESTEAM handheld travel steamers are there for you when you're on the go. If you're ready to simplify your life with our handy, versatile steamer, shop online today!