5 Ways to Make Your Mornings a Little Easier

Mornings often end up being the most frantic part of the day—but why should they be? Here are five ways to make your morning run a little more smoothly.

5. Pack Lunch The Night Before.

Whether you’re packing your own lunch to bring to work or three different lunches for the kids at school, it’s always a good idea to have this done the night before. You’ll save tons of time in the morning so you can feel a little less frantic and a lot more relaxed.

4. Plan Your Outfit The Night Before.

Deciding what to wear is another task you shouldn’t have to spend time on early in the morning. Pick out an outfit the night before and hang it up or lay it out separately from the rest of your clothes. By making the decision in advance, you’ll avoid the frenzy of trying on four or five sweaters before finally getting out the door.

3. Move Your Alarm Clock Away From Your Bed.

Instead of placing your alarm clock (or phone) on your bedside table where it’s easy to reach out and hit snooze three or four times, put it on a desk or dresser across the room. This way, you’ll really have to get up and out of bed when your alarm goes off. It’ll force you to start your day right away.

2. Time Yourself.

Try to make your morning tasks consistent. Give yourself a certain amount of time for each of the tasks you find yourself doing every morning. This will help you limit the time you spend on any given morning task—so you’re less likely to spend so much time checking your emails that you don’t have time for breakfast.

1. Use Your Jiffy Steamer.

If you find a stray crease in your otherwise crisp button-down or a wrinkle in your t-shirt, don’t fret. And definitely don’t waste time setting up the ironing board and waiting for the iron to heat up. Instead, switch on your Jiffy Steamer and you’ll have those wrinkles out in no time. There’s no need to be late for your morning meetings!

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