5 Ways to Be an Amazing Wedding Guest

Wedding Guest

With wedding season in full swing, we think it’s time for a wedding guest etiquette refresher for all of those lucky enough to be watching friends and family tie the knot this year. Here are five things to remember that’ll make you stand out as the ideal wedding guest.

Pay Attention To The Invitation.

When the invite arrives, admire the design but be sure to read it closely, too. Make sure you RSVP by the deadline—and if you say you’ll be there, make sure you show up! Pay attention to whether or not the invitation specifies that you can bring a plus one. You don’t want to show up with an extra guest the bride and groom weren’t anticipating.

Give A Thoughtful Gift.

Your wedding gift is your way of congratulating the happy couple and showing your support for their love. That’s not something you want to forget. Find out where they’ve registered and mail them their gift ahead of time or, if need be, within a few weeks of the wedding. If you’re looking for creative ideas for a special wedding gift, check out our list!

Dress Appropriately.

When choosing what to wear to the wedding, note the time of day and season so you don’t show up to an evening reception in a sundress (or a daytime wedding in a ball gown). Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it’s not white—that color is reserved for the bride on her special day!

Put Your Phone Away.

Keep your phone on silent (or, better yet, turned off completely) to avoid interrupting a beautiful ceremony with a not-so-beautiful ringtone. If you feel like you need to take pictures of the couple, remember they’ve hired a photographer to capture the day’s events so you don’t have to.

Don’t Keep The Newlyweds To Yourself.

The newly married couple is going to be hearing congratulations from a lot of friends and family, which can be exhausting! Make sure you don’t make them wait longer than necessary to get a chance to eat. Let them know how happy you are for them, but keep it short and sweet so they can grab some cake!

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