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Use discount code STEAM CLEAN for 10% off your order

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Jiffy's Top 5 Ways to Streamline Laundry Day

jiffy clothing steamer - laundry room

In centuries past, doing the laundry took a whole lot of time and elbow grease - it's easy to imagine that our ancestors would be pretty envious of our modern machines. (I mean, can you imagine what a washerwoman in the 1800s would think of our clothes steamers?) Even so, the words "laundry day" can still be enough to induce dread, particularly if you've got a large family. Keeping your crowd stocked with clean clothes, fresh sheets and towels is no small task! That's why we're sharing our top 5 ways we streamline laundry day, so you have more time for the fun stuff.

1. Set Your Schedule

If you feel like you're spending half your week in front of the washing machine, it could be time to rethink your strategy. Grouping items into categories and assigning one day of the week for each set is one way to go from doing laundry every day to just two or three times a week. Pick a day earlier in the week (like Sunday or Monday) for essential clothing items. Starting the week off with clean underwear and outfits only makes sense! Then, pick another time for towels. Sheets can be saved for once every two weeks, barring any spills or mishaps. If you're worried about them not feeling fresh, you can always give them a spritz of Jiffy Steam Spray and a quick steam between washes.

2. Assign Some Helpers

Unless you're living on your own, there's no reason why only one person should have to do the whole household's laundry! If everyone is assigned one round of laundry a week, it can certainly help lighten the load, so to speak. Of course, it's up to you to decide what age seems appropriate to expect the kids to contribute with the laundry, but most experts agree that the little ones are fully capable of tackling the task by age 6 - 8. Spreading the loads out among the family not only takes some work off your plate, it can help teach everyone a little extra responsibility and understanding of how much work it can be to keep a home clean! Plus, doing separate loads for each person's clothing spares you from sorting and prevents arguments over whose t-shirt is whose.

3. Organize Your Laundry Space

When it comes to getting pretty much anything in life done, organization is key. The greater the disarray in your laundry room the more daunting the task will seem. Keep labeled baskets that allow you to pre-sort the laundry into whatever categories make the most sense for your home; white and darks, towels and cloths, sheets, a basket per person, etc. Washer-safe mesh bags for small items are a huge help for preventing lost socks, too.

Keep the stain remover, detergent and dryer sheets in an easily accessible spot. A small waste bin, a basket for items pulled out of pockets and a chart of instructions on how to wash different items can also be incredibly helpful to have on hand. We like to keep sticky notes and a pen nearby too, so we can leave helpful reminders for items that shouldn't be dried after going through the washer.

4. Wash, Dry, Then Fold ASAP

Listen, we get it. Folding the laundry is the worst part of the entire chore. But biting the bullet and folding as soon as possible after the dryer is done can prevent clothes from getting wrinkled while they wait. As much as you love using your clothing steamer, you probably don't want to spend time steaming wrinkles out of an entire load! Good news - there are ways to make folding less of a hassle. If you followed any of the first three tips, you're already well on your way.

If the loads are pre-sorted before wash, that's one step done. Next, turning every item right-side-out before beginning to fold will streamline your movements. Finally, try making it into a little me-time! Put on your favorite music, turn on that show you've been wanting to catch up on all week or just use the repetitive motions as an exercise in meditation and get lost in thought. With the busy pace of modern life, turning a chore into a chance to chill out can help you feel a bit less stressed.

5. Keep Your Jiffy Clothing Steamer Close By

The number one trick for reducing your laundry load? Use your Jiffy! Our powerful clothing steamers can help you cut down on the number of items you wash each week. Many people over-wash their clothing without even realizing it. Laundering too often can wear clothing fibers out quicker, dull your clothes' colors and simply isn't very energy efficient or eco-friendly. Some items, like jeans, bras and knitwear, should be washed sparingly in order to keep their shape and appearance. Other things, like outfits that you only wore for a few hours to a work meeting, don't necessarily need to be washed after every wear. The is where your clothing steamer comes in! Steaming these items can kill odors, remove wrinkles and breathe life back into them without subjecting them to the washing machine. Not to mention, fewer items in the laundry basket equals less time in the laundry room for you!

Feeling a little more ready to take on laundry day? We promise, if you try all or even one of these tips you'll notice the difference. If you're ready to reduce your laundry load but don't have a Jiffy Steamer of your own yet, you can shop our garment steamers online or find a Jiffy dealer near you today.