5 Things Every Small Space Dweller Needs

5 things every small space dweller needs

Whether you’re preparing to move into a dorm room, downsizing your home or looking for clever ways to happily occupy your teeny tiny apartment, make sure you don’t forget about these five essentials!

A Rolling Bar Cart

These little carts can serve a multitude of purposes, from indoor garden to bedside table to craft organizer. They’re small enough to live in unused corners and mobile, so you can keep yours in one place until you need what it’s holding!

Under Bed Storage

Whether it’s out-of-season clothes, shoes you only need on special occasions or extra bedding, the space under your bed is just begging to be used! You can find under-the-bed storage containers almost anywhere, and you can even DIY, adding casters for maximum mobility!

Adhesive Hooks And Strips

Adhesive hooks are the best thing since sliced bread! They can be used all over the house—inside kitchen cabinets to hold measuring cups and spoons, on your closet door to hold jewelry and accessories, even to hang framed photos and artwork without causing any damage. Perfect for renters and dorm dwellers!

Folding Chairs

Keeping some folding chairs in the house is the ideal way to give yourself the option of hosting guests when you don’t have the space for lots of seating. Folding chairs are easy to store in narrow spaces, or even by hanging them on the wall. So even if you’re living in a studio apartment you can invite your friends over for the occasional party!

ESTEAM Handheld Steamer

Did we say adhesive hooks were the best thing since sliced bread? We take it back! Our handheld steamer is the real winner on this list. It’s the most powerful handheld steamer on the market, delivering wrinkle-busting steam and taking up almost no space at all. There’s no need to find space for an ironing board when you can just eliminate all your wrinkles in mere seconds with the ESTEAM handheld steamer.