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5 Reasons Every College Student Needs a Jiffy Steamer

5 Reasons Every College Student Needs a Jiffy Steamer

The start of the fall semester is fast approaching, and that means college students and their parents are hitting the stores to stock up on all the essentials for a great school year. One of those essentials? A Jiffy Steamer! Our ESTEAM handheld clothing steamer is a must-have for any college student. Here’s why.

Compact And Portable

Our handheld steamer is super compact, so you don’t have to worry about space in your soon to be packed car, or about finding room in a cramped dorm or a tiny apartment. Plus, the steamer can easily be packed in a carry-on bag or a suitcase for visits home!

Early Morning Friendly

It’s tough to make those 8:00 am classes on time, and even harder to show up looking professional and ready to learn. Luckily, Jiffy’s handheld steamer heats up and smooths out wrinkles in mere minutes. It’s definitely possible to look amazing and make it to class on time!

First Impressions Matter

Whether it’s a first date, an in-class presentation or a job fair, making a great impression starts with a professional – and wrinkle-free – appearance. Even those college students who love to sleep in and pick their outfits five minutes before they head out will find that a steamer makes great first impressions easy.

Hassle-Free Ironing Alternative

Sure, those space saving mini ironing boards are cute, but what are the chances that a busy college student will spend the extra hour or two every week ironing their clean laundry? Where ironing can take up an entire afternoon, steaming the wrinkles out of a few shirts or dresses takes just minutes.

A Lifetime Of Steam

Our steamers last a lot longer than just a semester or a school year. In fact, they’re built to last years! So college students can finish all their credit hours, graduate and start the next chapters of their lives without ever having to replace their trusty ESTEAM handheld steamers!

Shop our handheld steamers today and save 15% when you use the promo code SCHOOL at checkout!