5 occasions to use your Jiffy Steamer to avoid getting spooked by wrinkles

October is the one month of the year when we celebrate all things spooky. But there’s one thing that gives us the creeps year-round—wrinkles!

As you can imagine, the Jiffy Steamer Company is not a fan of being spooked by wrinkles, even during October, when we’re supposed to embrace the things that frighten us. Here are five occasions for breaking out your Jiffy Steamer to avoid getting spooked by wrinkles.

At A Party Or Other Formal Occasion

Getting ready for a holiday party or a wedding? Make sure your fancy dress is smooth and sleek. Don’t let any creeping wrinkles sneak into the party with you.

At A Job Interview

First impressions are never so important as they are at job interviews, so make sure you don’t distract yourself or your potential employer with a frightenly wrinkled button-down.

On A First Date

Here’s another time to make the best impression you can! Don’t scare away your date with your disheveled outfit. Make sure you look and feel amazing by steaming those pesky wrinkles out before they can interrupt your date.

When You’re Having Guests Over

Make sure your whole home is free of wrinkly surprises by steaming the curtains, tablecloths and upholstery to perfection before your guests arrive.

On Halloween

A wrinkly little ghost or goblin just isn’t as convincing as a perfectly smooth one! Use your Jiffy Steamer to keep your little monster’s costume wrinkle-free—so nothing can distract her from a successful night of trick-or-treating!

After all, she should be the one yelling “Boo!”—not the wrinkles in her costume.

The perfect steamer to keep scary wrinkles at bay is just a click away! Shop Jiffy Steamer today.