5 Dorm Room Essentials for Every College Student

College is right around the corner! Whether you’re a college student or a parent, be sure to pack these essentials before making that first trip to campus.

5. A Shower Caddy

A shower caddy is an absolute must-have. It holds all your shower essentials—shampoo, soap, face wash, razors—so you’ll never forget something you need when it’s time to make the trek down the hall to the showers. Remember to find one with room to hold your flip flops, too. Nobody likes to go barefoot in those dorm showers.

4. A Laundry Basket That’s Easy To Carry

You might have to make a long journey to the laundry room every time you run out of clean socks, so be sure to choose a hamper that’s not too bulky or heavy. Try a hamper with a drawstring and a handle that’s easy to lug up and down the stairs.

3. A Drawer Unit

You’ll want a place to keep all your odds and ends—extra notebooks and pens, toiletries, snacks and jewelry. Plastic drawer units are cheap and easy to find in any store that sells home goods. Plus, you can save space in your car when it’s time to pack by filling the drawers ahead of time and taping them shut.

2. Hometown Mementos

It’s easy get homesick when you’re living away for the first time ever. Don’t forget to bring something to remember home by. This might be a stack of photographs, a poster or a mug. Every time you look at these mementos, you’ll remember that home is still there, even when you’re away.

1. Your Jiffy Steamer Esteam Handheld Steamer

You won’t have to choose between a wrinkle-free outfit and being on time for class when you have a Jiffy Steamer! The ESTEAM makes it easy to leave the dorm looking your best every time. Plus, its small size is perfect for dorm rooms, where storage space is at a minimum and every square inch counts.

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