4 Ways to Go Green for Earth Day and Every Day

Happy Earth Day, Jiffy Steamer fans! We’re celebrating our beautiful planet today by sharing four simple tips for living a greener life—not just today, but every day.

Use Power Strips

Plugging your electronics into power strips makes it easy to turn them all off when you leave the house or go to bed at night. Just hit the switch on the end of the power strip and your TV, game consoles and computers won’t be using any energy when you don’t want them to.

Carry A Travel Mug

Instead of buying coffee every day on your way to work, make it at home and fill a travel mug to go! You won’t have to throw away all those disposable coffee cups when you’re reusing your own mug instead. If you prefer the local coffee shop’s brew, ask if they can fill your mug instead of a disposable cup.

Don’t Forget Your Reusable Bags

When it’s time to hit the grocery store, make sure your reusable shopping bags are in the car with you. Keeping them on the passenger seat is a great way to make sure you don’t forget them when you go inside.

Clean With Steam

There are hundreds of harsh, chemical-filled cleaners out there claiming to be the best way to clean your bathroom or kitchen. But pure, clean steam can give you an even deeper clean—without the dangerous chemicals. You can clean the whole house with your Jiffy Steamer!

Shop Jiffy Steamer today and start living a greener life!