The 2016 Jiffy Steamer Halloween Entertaining Guide

The 2016 Jiffy Steamer Halloween Entertaining Guide

For some, the most important holidays come later in the year. But if you love to spook and be spooked, get dressed up and serve up lots of tricks and treats, Halloween parties are your time to shine!

If you’re planning on throwing a party this Halloween and want to impress your guests, look no further than Jiffy Steamer’s 2016 Halloween entertaining guide! Just follow these steps to make sure your party is a monstrous success.

Start With A Clean Slate

We’ll get to the fun stuff—decorating, cooking, dressing up—but the first thing we do before entertaining, no matter the occasion, is make sure our house is sparkling. This means breaking out our multipurpose steamer to make sure hard surfaces are gleaming, soft surfaces are fresh and there’s not a wrinkled curtain in sight. Check out our guide to using the Jiffy Steamer interchangeable head attachment kit for cleaning up the whole house, from the bathroom to the dining room and everywhere in between.

Break Out The Spooky Decor

It’s not really Halloween if your guests aren’t a little scared to walk in! Get everybody in the spirit of the holiday with over-the-top decorations. You can never go wrong with the classic fake spiderwebs, skeletons and hanging sheet ghosts (don’t forget to steam the wrinkles out of those ghosts—they’re not so convincing when they’re creased). If you really want to impress, drape spooky textiles from a mantel or around the windows, add creepy crows and light some candles! We love this decked out fireplace mantel from Country Living.


Serve Your Most Terrifying Treats

Have fun with your Halloween party menu—after all, it’s the only time of the year that delicious eyeballs and spiders are an acceptable treat. Set out bowls filled with your favorite Halloween candy and serve a buffet of scary snacks. We love Good Housekeeping’s ideas: eyeball brownies, deviled spider eggs, graveyard mousse and more creepily delicious treats. Serve this buffet of sinister snacks atop the creepiest tablecloth you can find. (Just be sure to steam the wrinkles out before the guests arrive, of course!)

Dress To Impress

It’s your party—so pull out all the stops with an over-the-top costume to match the spooky decor and creepy buffet. Whether you opt for the classic ghost or witch or want to surprise with a costume inspired by your favorite scary movie of the year, don’t hold back. Just remember that the best Halloween costumes are wrinkle-free! That same steamer you used to clean your house before decorating will come in handy for smoothing out even your craziest, most sequin-covered costumes.

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