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2 Ways to Save Money with a Jiffy Steamer

Our high quality, American-made steamers are built to last a lifetime. And over the course of that lifetime, they’ll save their owners lots of money! Here are two of the ways they’re helping customers save every year.

Busting Dry-Cleaning Costs

Did you know thousands of people are taking their garments to the dry cleaner when they could achieve the same outcome by using a Jiffy Steamer instead? If you’ve been spending money every month to have your clothes dry cleaned, take a second to consider what those cleaners are really doing.

According to clothing care expert Steve Boorstein in an interview with Martha Stewart Living, a lot of the clothes you’re bringing to the dry cleaner are actually just being steamed. Why pay for those services again and again when you can purchase a steamer and get the job done yourself for less?

Check out Boorstein’s tips on when taking something to the dry cleaner is necessary and when it’s not here.

Preserving Your Favorite Clothes

Here’s another super simple way our steamers can save you money: they’ll help your clothes last longer so you don’t have to keep buying new ones!

Sure, you want to stay on-trend by shopping for outfits that are in from season to season. We all have those basics that we could keep wearing year after year- that’s where Jiffy Steamer steps in.

One big reason your favorite basic tees and jeans are getting so worn out so quickly? That dreaded iron! Ironing your clothes even once will result in irreparable damage to the fabric. So grab your steamer instead. Rather than crushing fibers like an iron, steam simply relaxes them. Start saving on clothing costs today by ditching the iron and using a Jiffy Steamer instead!

Shop our personal steamers to start saving money today.